Photography rules:

By attending the event you acknowledge there is a possibility you may be photographed/captured in video. While THG works hard to ensure your privacy, we cannot guarantee you will not be photographed, given the prevalence of cameras in all types of electronic devices.That being said, here are the photography rules:

  • For privacy and safety of all of our attendees (including yourself), you must have the explicit permission of all people in any photograph including those in the background.

  • Blurring faces are not acceptable substitutes for consent

  • We highly suggest video recording only in your hotel room due to an increased concern in videos capturing people without their consent

  • -Photography and/or audio/video recording is strictly forbidden in the Dungeon Spaces, except during the designated Photography Hours

  • Photography and/or audio/video recording is strictly forbidden in Workshops and performances unless you have obtained prior, explicit permission from both the presenter and all participants in the Workshop or performance

  • By attending this event you agree to allow Senior Event Staff (specifically Coordination, Security, and Dungeon Monitors) to examine your device for unauthorized photographs and/or audio/video files upon request, without objection or hassle if suspected of violating these rules. Don’t want this? Leave your phone in your room.

  • Unauthorized photos and recordings will be deleted from your device and any cloud back ups, and you will be reminded of the Photography and Device Usage policy.

  • Refusing to allow Senior Event Staff to examine your device will result in your immediate removal from the event without refund and possibly banning from all future THG events.

  • This policy may be overridden or altered by event-specific circumstances, so please follow the instructions of the staff

  • Out of common courtesy we ask that if you must talk on your cell phone, you do not use it in any public areas such as the Playspaces, workshops, poolside, restaurant, HQ, etc.

Photography and/or audio/video recording of those who have not given explicit permission is not allowed, and will result in immediate removal from the event without refund and erasure of said media and possible banning from all future THG events. THG adheres to an Opt-in philosophy.

We provide painters tape to cover your camera so no accidental photography occurs. Please respect others' right to consent to their privacy.

  • Green wristband- you can ask me for my consent to photograph/video. You must receive my explicit consent in order to capture me

  • Red wristband- I do not consent to photography at all, do not approach me to ask. If you accidentally capture me, you MUST immediately delete the photo and you understand you risk being removed from the event

We will be taking violations of this rule set very seriously.

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