Hotel Event Rules

Please read and understand these rules. They are for your safety and comfort, as well as the safety and comfort of those around you. If you have a problem with anyone at the event or notice disregard for these rules that could put the event in jeopardy please notify the Dungeon Monitors or other Senior Staff immediately. Unwillingness to follow instructions from Dungeon Monitors or other Senior Staff may result in your removal from this and all future Tempest Hill Gatherings (THG). Any oddly specific rules are there because of the actions of one or two people. Don’t make us add more rules. These rules have been adapted from Turtle Hill Event's with permission.

Remember, this is not your or our home club. We are guests to this space and we want the Hotel to invite us back! **Please be kind to other guests Thursday evening/Friday morning. We have the Hotel all to ourselves Friday midday to Sunday midday. The Hotel is normally a business hotel, don't give anyone a shock! Street legal clothing required prior to Noon Friday and after Noon Sunday.

NOTE: These rules are subject to change without notice.

Please note: These are the preliminary rules pending review of local laws and local Fire Marshall review.

General Rules


At THG we believe in keeping rules and policies to a minimum. To that end we expect a certain level of maturity and common sense from the people who attend our events.

TL;DR - Don‘t be a douchebag.

-Be respectful of others and their boundaries - and remember it goes both ways. People slip, they make mistakes. Be mature about it, move on.

-Be polite. It's not hard and it's infectious

-Don't touch people or their possessions without getting their explicit permission first. Seriously. This isn't hard.

-Be tolerant of others. Don't like something? That's okay. Really, it is. Just don't go telling someone else they're wrong because they DO like that something.

-Don't label people. It's not okay for them to do it to you, and it's not okay for you to do it to them.

-Don't like being called [insert term here]? Let the other person know that in a firm but POLITE manner. People DO make mistakes and most of them really aren't trying to be offensive. Correct, educate, move on - don't assume malice and don't shame them for making a mistake. If you don't like being called something, it's a safe bet that person over there doesn't like being called [insert term here]. Bear that in mind before doing what you don't like done to you.

-Corrected by someone about using [insert term here]? Apologize, accept the correction, do your best to remember in the future, move on.

-Please be considerate of others in your application of strongly scented items.

-THG reserves the right to deny entry to the event to any person for any reason at any time, with or without stated cause.

-Attendance at a THG event is not a right, it is a privilege - don’t lose it.

-Must be 19+ to attend. Must be 21+ to drink.


-Event Staff, Medical Staff, and Dungeon Monitors are here to work for your safety and enjoyment of the event.

-If you have any issues we can help you with, please feel free to let us know by alerting either a Senior Event Staff member, a Dungeon Monitor or by coming to the Public Safety Room (room to be designated).

-We ask that any directives issued by the Senior Staff be followed without question or discussion.

-Failure to obey Senior Event Staff or Dungeon Monitors as stated above may result in your removal from the event without refund.

-If you have an issue with any interaction with the Event Staff, please feel free to bring it to the attention of the Coordination Staff.

-On-duty Event Staff of all levels will be designated by their staff lanyard.

-Off-duty Event Staff may not be wearing their staff shirts or staff lanyards and may reasonably request that you take questions and concerns to on-duty Event Staff.

-Coordination Staff and Senior Event Staff will have a ribbon designating them as such and you may approach them at any time whether they are on or off duty, though we ask that you do so with some consideration.


All areas inside the hotel itself, including the outdoor Courtyard and parking lot are considered Event Spaces and will be treated as such. Public areas are defined as the restaurant, bar, lobby, hallways, pools, elevators, stairwells, etc. Your hotel room is not considered an Event Space.


-You must present a valid, government issued photo ID AND COVID VACCINE CARD (physical or digital) at event Check-in. You will not be allowed into the event without ID AND vaccine card.

-THG may deny you entry to the event, at their discretion, if you appear intoxicated or under the influence, or may ask the Event Coordinator to make an entry decision.

-You will be issued a name badge upon checking into the event.

-Badges are not pre-printed so you may use whatever name you like, but your badge MUST have a clearly written name on it before you leave the Check-in tables.

-Security will escort your back to check-in to fill out your badge if you leave before filling out your badge.

-Giving a blank or otherwise badge to an unpaid or or underage person will result in your immediate removal from the event without refund, and possible banning from all future THG events.

-Your name badge must be on your person and visible at all times that you are in the Event Spaces during the event. The only exceptions are if/when you are in the pool or engaged in play in the Dungeon Spaces. In those cases you must be able to produce your badge on demand (have it with you).

-You will not be permitted to enter any portion of the event without your badge.

-If you lose your badge, please go to Check-In immediately.

-If your badge is damaged, please go to Check-In immediately. Bring your damaged badge with you or you will be charged a replacement fee.

-If Security sees that you do not have a badge on, they will ask to see it and have you put it on, or they will escort you to Check-In for a replacement. Replacements for lost badges are $5 each.

-You must enter the event through Check-in. Anyone caught letting others in through side doors will be asked to leave and banned from the event.


Photography rules:

By attending the event you acknowledge there is a possibility you may be photographed/captured in video. While THG works hard to ensure your privacy, we cannot guarantee you will not be photographed, given the prevalence of cameras in all types of electronic devices. That being said, here are the photography rules:

  • For privacy and safety of all of our attendees (including yourself), you must have the explicit permission of all people in any photograph including those in the background.

  • Blurring faces are not acceptable substitutes for consent

  • We highly suggest video recording only in your hotel room due to an increased concern in videos capturing people without their consent

  • -Photography and/or audio/video recording is strictly forbidden in the Dungeon Spaces, except during the designated Photography Hours

  • Photography and/or audio/video recording is strictly forbidden in Workshops and performances unless you have obtained prior, explicit permission from both the presenter and all participants in the Workshop or performance

  • Video/audio/photography is not allowed during Entertainment Dinners

  • By attending this event you agree to allow Senior Event Staff (specifically Coordination, Security, and Dungeon Monitors) to examine your device for unauthorized photographs and/or audio/video files upon request, without objection or hassle if suspected of violating these rules. Don’t want this? Leave your phone in your room.

  • Unauthorized photos and recordings will be deleted from your device and any cloud back ups, and you will be reminded of the Photography and Device Usage policy.

  • Refusing to allow Senior Event Staff to examine your device will result in your immediate removal from the event without refund and possibly banning from all future THG events.

  • This policy may be overridden or altered by event-specific circumstances, so please follow the instructions of the staff

  • Out of common courtesy we ask that if you must talk on your cell phone, you do not use it in any public areas such as the Playspaces, workshops, poolside, restaurant, HQ, etc.

Photography and/or audio/video recording of those who have not given explicit permission is not allowed, and will result in immediate removal from the event without refund and erasure of said media and possible banning from all future THG events. THG adheres to an Opt-in philosophy.

We provide painters tape to cover your camera so no accidental photography occurs. Please respect others' right to consent to their privacy.

  • Green wristband- you can ask me for my consent to photograph/video. You must receive my explicit consent in order to capture me

  • Red wristband- I do not consent to photography at all, do not approach me to ask. If you accidentally capture me, you MUST immediately delete the photo and you understand you risk being removed from the event


-Please do not park in the spaces marked ‘RESERVED’ in the parking lot. These are for official event business only.

-Please do not park on the hotel lawns or gardens.

-Play or any other Event activities are not permitted in the parking lot or anywhere else outside the hotel itself


-You must be clothed while you are in the parking lot.

-No bare feet are allowed in any Event Space except the pool, pool area, and Dungeon Spaces

-While in the Restaurant, Bar, Dinner event space, Lobby area, or other public spaces, you must be clothed and wearing shoes. In other words, no bare butts, chests or feet in the Restaurant or Bar - no exceptions for anyone. G-strings are not sufficient to meet health code rules. This is applicable to all genders.

-No sex of any kind, including oral sex, digital sex, or use of toys, is permitted in any Public Area, as defined above.


-If you find something, notify the Event Staff and/or bring it to the Public Safety Room. If you lose anything, notify a Staff member with a radio or come to the the Public Safety Room (room will be designated).


-The pool is a swim-at-your-own-risk situation. We do not provide lifeguards.

-Please follow the hotel’s posted pool rules and any instructions given to you by hotel staff or Senior Event Staff.

-There is no diving in the pool, nor are food or drinks permitted in the pool area.

-Bondage is NOT permitted in the pool, the hot tub or the pool area, or the gym.

-Do NOT add anything to the pool or hot tub water, such as essential oils, bubble bath, scents, colors, etc.

-Clothing is optional in the pool, but you must be clothed in the public areas leading to the pool

-Any activity which may result in bodily fluid discharge in the pool or hot tub, including sex of any kind, is strictly prohibited. You may be removed from the event for failure to follow.

-If any of these pool rules are broken, it may cause the pool to have to close to treat the issue, and none of us want that.


-Do not attach or tie anything or anyone to any hotel fixture such as towel racks, shower curtain rods, closet rods, sprinkler heads, pipes, plumbing, pillars, rafters, tables, room furniture, luggage carts, etc.

-Do not remove any furniture from your room or any Public Area for use anywhere else. If you need hotel furniture moved, contact the hotel front desk for assistance.

-Be careful that your play does not damage walls, ceilings, fixtures, furniture, or bedding in the hotel rooms or the Event Spaces.

-Do not attach or tie anything or anyone to any Event structures such as pop-up tents, EZ-up tents, pavilions, photography backdrops, lighting rigs, pipe and drape, stanchions, or any other Event structure.

-If it isn’t in a Dungeon or a classroom, don’t use it for play.

-Glitter is banned by the hotel. There is a large hourly fine levied by the hotel for glitter clean-up. Do NOT bring glitter to the events. Anyone wearing glitter will be responsible for all associated clean up charges.

-You will be held personally and financially responsible for any damage to Event or hotel property that you cause or participate in, including glitter clean-up fees.

-If you have any questions about whether you can use something for your play, contact the Senior Event Staff or Dungeon Monitors to be sure.


-Smoking, e-cigarettes/cigars and vaping of any kind are prohibited in all Event Spaces or anywhere within the hotel.

-Smoking, e-cigarettes/cigars and vaping of any kind are prohibited within 25ft of any entrance to Event Spaces, including hotel entrances.

-Smoking, e-cigarettes/cigars and vaping of any kind are not allowed in the pool area.

-Please follow any additional etiquette rules regarding smoking, e-cigarettes, vaping and drinking to be found in the event-specific policies below.

-Alcohol is prohibited in any Workshop Spaces, the Dungeon Spaces, and the pool. Period. Individuals bringing alcohol into any Workshop Spaces, the Dungeon Spaces or the pool will be escorted out of the space. They may return to the space without the alcohol.

-Alcohol is not permitted outside the hotel based on local alcohol laws.

-Excessive intoxication may result in immediate removal from the event without refund, and possible banning from all future THG events.

-Anyone providing alcohol to anyone under the age of 21 will be immediately removed from the event without refund, will be banned from all current and future THG events and may be reported to local law enforcement.

-Any illegal substances, used or transferred, will result in immediate removal from the event without refund, and possible banning from all future THG events.


-Vending from cars, rooms, or other parts of the event is PROHIBITED unless you are an officially registered vendor. Unauthorized vending may result in removal from the event without refund and banning from all current and future THG events.


-No handbills, flyers or postcards, including advertising for “room parties” and other unofficial happenings, may be distributed without advance permission from the Event Coordinator. All unauthorized signage will be removed. Please just come and ask!

-If you are granted permission to hang, please make sure you take them down before/at the end of the event.


-In the event of a medical emergency, follow all instructions given by Senior Event Staff, Event Medical Staff, and outside medical personnel should they be called to the event.

-In the event of a medical emergency, remain clear of the area and let the appropriate personnel do their jobs.

-Please respect the privacy and dignity of anybody involved and do not stand around to watch or ask for information if you are not directly involved in the situation and do not spread any information about the situation.

-If you have a medical emergency, report it to the Event Medical staff immediately, if you are able to do so.

-Senior Event Staff will communicate with attendees and emergency personnel when it is appropriate.


We want you to play the way you wish to play, but certain items are either illegal or of questionable legality in the State of New Jersey (NJ) and are therefore prohibited at the event. While not all items listed are illegal, some are considered too dangerous by the Event and are therefore prohibited. The following lists are not meant to be all-inclusive and are based on current NJ legal statutes. Items may be added or removed at any time, before or during the event, with or without notice, at the discretion of the Event. Please also check local weapons laws.

-Prohibited Items - Bringing any of these items to the event may result in your removal without refund.

-Firearms - bringing a firearm to the Event, functional or not, legal carry permit or not, WILL result in your immediate removal without refund, no exceptions.

-Stun guns and tasers

-Straight razors

-Gravity knives, switchblades, daggers (double edged blades), dirks, swords and stilettos.

-Blades - Knives other than the ones listed above are of questionable legality in NJ. We don’t want to prohibit all knives, so we strongly enforce the following rules:

-Bare blades are not permitted outside the Dungeon Spaces or Workshops.

-Fixed blades must have a sheath and be in that sheath at all times outside the Dungeon Spaces.

-Single edged knives only.

-DMs have the final word on blades allowed in the Dungeon Spaces.

-Other Items - We recognize prop and replica weapons are often an essential part of many cosplays and we do not want to discourage that. To that end:

-Please bring any prop or replica weapons, no matter what the type or style, to the Public Safety Room (room to be designated) for review.

-Steel blades and other “real” weapons will not be allowed.

-Prop and replica firearms are strongly discouraged.

-Please ‘peace-tie’ any weapons. Public Safety Staff may grant exceptions on a case-by-case basis, at their discretion..

Dungeon Rules


Our Dungeons are staffed by Dungeon Monitors (DMs) and a Head Dungeon Monitor (Head DM). The DMs are in place to help ensure the safety and enjoyment of everyone in the Dungeon Spaces. They are members of the community with specialized training which helps them to identify potential issues and allows them to be of particular assistance in the Dungeons. DMs have total discretion in the Dungeon, but are not allowed to monitor play outside the Dungeon. Any questions about the Dungeon rules may be directed to the DMs.

-The Head DM has the final say in all matters concerning the Dungeons, though they may, at their own discretion or at the request of the Event Coordinator, take certain matters to the Event Coordinator.

-A DM’s ruling may only be overturned by the Head DM, the Head of Public Safety or the Event Coordinator.

-Failure to comply with the Head DM’s decisions will result in your immediate removal from all Dungeon Spaces and possibly the Event itself, without refund.

-Arguing with the DMs about their decisions will result in your immediate removal from all Dungeon Spaces and possibly the Event itself, without refund.

-Repeated failure to listen to DMs may result in your immediate removal from all Dungeon Spaces and possibly the Event itself, without refund.

-DMs are not on duty outside official Dungeon hours. Unmonitored play in the Dungeons is prohibited. Dungeon hours are posted outside the Dungeons.


-Our events recognize the Acronym RaCK. A brief summary of the principles guiding our practices:

-Risk-aware: All participants are well-informed of the risks involved in the proposed activity.

-Consensual: In light of those risks, all participants have, of sound mind, offered preliminary consent to engage in said activity.

-Kink: Said activity can be classified as alternative sex

-Attendance at the event indicates that you understand and agree to the following:

-If the Dungeon Monitors determine that your scene is unsafe, they may choose to end it for you.

-Should this happen, a Dungeon Monitor may also deem it necessary to cut your rope or other bondage equipment in certain situations.

-If this happens, the Dungeon Monitors, and the organizers of the event are not responsible in any way for replacing the equipment in question.

-We are committed to working with our attendees to ensure safety without having to resort to this, but sometimes it happens despite everyone’s best efforts.

-Remember: Pain is okay, injury is not.

-Remember: We are not at your home dungeon. Just because it is okay there, doesn't mean the hotel will be okay with it. We are visiting their space and want to leave a good impression.


-The house safe word for Stop is "Red".

-The house safe word for Caution is "Yellow".

-We strongly suggest that each scene be negotiated with a plan for clearer communication than the house safe words provide. For example, if your hand is numb, just tell your top it’s numb.

-A DM will check in and/or intervene in a scene if the Top is observed to not respond appropriately when either of the House safety words is used.

-A loudly shouted "Safe word!" or "Dungeon Monitor!" by either the Top or Bottom will be interpreted as a call for outside assistance.


-Please be polite and keep a reasonable distance from scenes and Workshops you’re not a part of.

-If you wish to observe a scene but not participate, seating areas will be made available for that purpose.

-Observation areas are not for socializing and we ask you to keep any conversations or comments short and quiet.

-Do not block walkways, exits or other equipment with yourself or your possessions.

-DMs will ask you to be quieter or move if they deem you to be a disruption or in the way.

-Do not touch other people without permission. Seriously, don’t do it.

-Do not touch other people’s toys, toy bags or other personal belongings without explicit permission.

-If someone asks you to move further away from a scene or Workshop or to be quieter, please do so without discussion.

-If you see safety issues in someone else’s play please let a DM know and they will intervene as they deem appropriate.

-Be considerate in terms of the amount of time you spend on a piece of equipment. Monopolizing a frame, table or other equipment is not courteous.

-Please thoroughly clean the equipment after you use it and before you take your aftercare elsewhere.

-Leave the equipment cleaned and ready for the next user, just as you would like to find it.


-The equipment is there for your enjoyment, however:

-Attendees are not allowed to move equipment in the Dungeon Spaces.

-If you would like something moved, please see a DM and they will determine if the piece can be moved or not. Event Staff will then move the piece of equipment.

-Use of chains on our wood equipment is strictly prohibited.

​-Do not wear high heels on any mats or upholstered furniture. If you damage the equipment, you will be charged to repair or replace it.

-Modification or vandalism of any kind to equipment is prohibited and may result in your removal from the event without refund.

-The DMs may impose a time limit of approximately 90 minutes on popular pieces of equipment or ask you to wrap up an excessively long scene.


-Cleaning supplies are available in the Dungeon Spaces.

-You are expected to clean up after yourself, leaving all equipment free of sweat, bodily fluids, lubricants, wax etc.

-Please thoroughly clean the equipment after you use it and before you take your aftercare elsewhere, leaving it for the next user as you would like to find it.

-The DMs will ask you to return to any piece of equipment you used and clean it if you walk away without doing so.

-Failure to comply with the DM’s direction to clean the equipment after you used it will result in your immediate removal from all Dungeon Spaces for the remainder of the Event.

-Bodily fluid contamination that cannot be cleaned up with the provided cleaning supplies MUST be brought to the attention of a DM immediately.


-If you need a stretcher sheet, chux, or nitrile gloves, please ask a DM for them if they are not at the cleaning space.

-Event safety supplies are not there for you to restock your personal stores.

-People involved in bondage scenes must have safety shears or some other cutting device within reach and visible by the DMs during any scene.


-Play which is expected or likely to result in broken skin may be limited to the medical play area of the Dungeon Space after, and only after, acquiring DM approval.​

-All sutures, needles and staples may not leave the medical play area.

​-This type of play must utilize appropriate barriers and precautions to protect event equipment, attendees, staff, and hotel fixtures, floors, walls and ceilings from surface or airborne contact or contamination.

-You must provide your own supplies and sharps disposal container if you wish to engage in this kind of play.

-Participants are expected to thoroughly clean up after this kind of play and should notify a DM when finished so they can check on your process and approve the cleanup- Event Staff are NOT there to clean up after you.

-You should take care while moving back to your room through any public spaces.


Fire play may be permitted at the Event, but only in the designated Dungeon space and only with prior DM approval.

-If fire play is allowed, participants must have within reach and visible to the DMs their own fire blankets and extinguishers.

-If wax play is allowed Wax play is limited to the wax play area. All appropriate fire play rules must be followed as well.

-Cautery and other types of branding are not allowed at our event.

-The Event reserves the right to add, remove, change or modify Fireplay rules at any time, with or without notice, in order to comply with local fire codes.


-Self-suspension is only allowed if you bring your own spotter.

-Certain types of play are not allowed or are allowed with specific caveats at our events. Please check this list before playing to be sure you aren’t violating our rules.

-Neck Ropes: Play with neck ropes which constrict the front of the throat are not allowed. Back of neck ropes are fine.

-Inverted suspensions or those which are dynamic and may result in inversion: You must use a mat under these kinds of scenes.

-Watersports, scat, prolapse, and Roman/rainbow play are not allowed at our events.

-Play involving racial slurs or hate groups is forbidden.

-If you have any question about the allowability of play you wish to engage in, ask the DMs before you begin.

-If your scene is becoming disruptive, the DMs may make eye contact with the Top and gesture for them to quiet it down. Ignoring these kinds of gestures may result in your scene being interrupted or ended early.


-Sexual activity may be permitted in some of the Dungeon Spaces and/or during specific hours.

-We strongly encourage all attendees to practice safer sex and will have supplies available in the Dungeon Spaces, and some of the Workshop Spaces as needed.

-We require all attendees to practice safer sex with our equipment - please use the stretcher sheets and chux.

-It is your responsibility to avoid knowingly contaminating equipment, furniture, floors, walls, ceilings and any other surfaces not directly involved in your scene.

-ie, don’t finger someone with your bare hand, then proceed to touch equipment, furniture, floors, walls, ceilings or any other surfaces. That’s discourteous and gross.

-Also, be sure to use appropriately sized protection like chux, stretcher sheets, etc, to limit possible contamination.

-No matter how you play, we require you to thoroughly clean the equipment and other surfaces you may have affected, after you use it, leaving it for the next user as you would like to find it. You are required to use stretcher sheets and chux to make clean up quicker and easier for you.


-Alcohol is prohibited in all Dungeons, period. Individuals bringing alcohol into any Dungeon will be escorted out of the space. They may return to the Dungeon without the alcohol.

-Alcohol is prohibited in all Workshops held in Dungeon Spaces, period. Individuals bringing alcohol into any Workshop will be escorted out of the space. They may return to the Workshop without the alcohol.

-Intoxicated individuals, or those deemed impaired by the Dungeon Monitors or Public Safety Staff will not be allowed in the Dungeons and will be escorted out of the space.

​​-Food is not permitted in the Dungeons.

-Smoking, e-cigarettes/cigars, and vaping are prohibited in all Event Spaces, including the outdoor patios.

-Repeated violations of and of the above will result in your removal, without refund, from the event.

The Not-So-Fine Print


Neither the Event, THG, its Officers, nor the management, volunteers, owners, or operators of the facilities, or Fairfield County, nor any agents, successors or assignees of any of the foregoing shall be liable to any attendee for injury to person or property incurred as a result of attendance at this event.


Obey all federal, state and local laws and ordinances.


Prostitution, solicitation, and negotiation of payment, or the exchange of goods and/or services, for sexual services, are illegal and will not be tolerated. Violators will be immediately removed from the event without refund and will be banned from all current and future THG events. While we personally understand sex work is work, it is not legal in the state of New Jersey.

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